To the Apologetic Graduate

Depressed graduate

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 Dear recent graduates:

You’ve just completed what not many has had the opportunity to accomplish. You overcame the freshman 15 and your first college heartbreak. You’ve made it through college with out cussing out the lady at the financial aid office (hopefully), and endured long nights studying for tests on Quizlet (better known as QuizLIT to the last minute finessers), and still managed to celebrate Thirsty Thursdays faithfully. But now its all behind you….so now what?

To those of you that landed that dream job, just drove off the lot in a shiny new car and has already met the love of your life; Congratulations! I am so happy for you, now carry on with your greatness…because this post isn’t for you. This is for those graduates that feel like their time in college was in vain. Those graduates that are envious of their peers because their time hasn’t arrived just yet. THIS is for all of you apologetic graduates who are trying to stay afloat after being thrown to the sharks. I see you boo, and I am proud of you too. Which is why I am here to offer you some advice.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling lost

Rest assured, many graduates experience this, it’s not just you. If you want to jump right into the workforce after college, go ahead. If you want to take a break, do it. If you want to go to graduate school, do you boo boo! Don’t let anyone make you feel less than because of your choice.

Just my lil two cents: If you do decide to take a break, BE PRODUCTIVE.

Get out there and network, keep what you’ve learned fresh in you mind,  save up money, hell even start a business! There’s a difference between taking a break and being a fool. It’s ok to not know what the hell you’re doing, just make sure you don’t lose focus.

Living with Mom and Dad

To some, this is a quick HELL NAW! But hear me out. It’s not a bad idea to move back in with mom and dad; it’s a great way to save money and to get some time to get on your feet. Believe it or not, It’s not too uncommon to move back in with your parents after college. No it’s not permanent and no you’re not a failure (don’t listen to your hating ass auntie, she can’t cook anyways). If you play your cards right, in about 6 months to a year you’ll be able to fly completely from the nest. But please SAVE, SAVE and SAVE, and did I mention SAVE? It’s pointless to move back home if you’re not racking up as much as you can. 1 year will turn into 10 if you’re not careful. There’s plenty of resources to help you save money effortlessly. Like Qapital and Mint, where you can save small and live large (their words not mine). Seriously, enjoy your time at home with mom and dad then GET THE HELL UP OUTTA THERE because BE IT KNOWN, if your parents are like my parents (annoying af) THIS WILL GET OLD FAST! 

Don’t Settle!

This goes against everyone else that tells you to jump at the first opportunity you get….BULLSHIT. From a personal standpoint, I did it and I hated it. Didn’t even last a year. If it’s not what you’re truly passionate about don’t waste your time.  Don’t get me wrong,  I get it

Any experience is good experience – Miserable Person

But is it really worth selling your soul and dream for? NOPE! If it’s not completely in your field, if they don’t offer competitive pay or at least a nice benefits package, If your boss is a creep and he stares at you like you’re a cheddar bay biscuit, LET GO OF THAT HURT BOO BOO, because the job is not for you. Yes, you may be the best barista in the country, but that don’t mean you should take a job at McDonalds. Because 1.Their coffee is terrible and B. They’re ice cream machine NEVER works. Do yourself a favor and find a job that’s right for you.

And Lastly,

You have time for mistakes

you’re still young! Get out and get dirty. Take those risks, start that business, and wait for the right job while you can. Because YOU DON’T OWE ANYONE A DAYUM THING (except sally mae’s hating ass). There is no blue-print, there is no right or wrong way to live after college. Just live and the rest will come with time. Be as unapologetic as you want and do it with class. You’ve got the degree, now it’s up to YOU to figure out how you want to use it

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  1. You are funny intelligent it has a lot of experience by going to college and stepped out with the unknown that my dear you will go very far

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