5 Easy Ways To Save Money

Easy ways to save money

5 Ways to Save Money

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Whether you’re rich or not so rich; who wouldn’t want to save money?  Regardless of your income source, we millennials have all had times where our money seems to play magic tricks on us. You know, like when you wake up with $350 in  your bank account, and buy a $1.59 pack of gum and somehow your account is overdrawn. By now you should be saving for major things in life, like a car or down payment on a house or even just to travel around the world! Unless you’re Bill Gates, you need to have a budget in place and a plan to save money. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, here are 5 ways to save money.


Use Qapital to save money

This is literally my favorite savings app. Why? Because it’s free, and nothing beats free. Qapital is a 100% free savings app that lets you create a savings account for different goals. All you need to do is connect your current checking account, then set up rules for how you want your money to be saved. The rules are pretty cool too. You can have every purchase you make round-up to the nearest dollar, or two dollars etc. There’s also a rule that allows you to connect your fitness tracker to your Qapital account so that you are motivated to stay fit by  saving money whenever you don’t reach your daily step goal. So whats the best part? When you’re ready to withdraw your money, you can do so at anytime without having to pay any fees. Whether you want to withdraw $5 or $50 there’s absolutely no hassle. Plus Qapital is FDIC insured so your funds are secure up to $250,000!! Want to give Qapital a try? Check it out here!


Use Ebates to save money

Ebates is another favorite! It’s basically like getting paid to shop! Yes that’s correct! There’s no points to redeem or forms to fill out; it’s just cash back on your purchases. Simple! You can earn up to 40% cash back from big brand places, all at a click of a button. You could also grab all the best daily deals and coupons with Ebates to save even more money. After you’ve made a purchase, Ebates notifies you through the app or you’ll receive an email confirming that cash back has been added to your account. At the end of every quarter, Ebates will send your cash back by check or by Paypal. It’s like having a mini accountant in your pocket. Get Ebates and your wallet will thank you! Check out Ebates here!


Use Ibotta to save money

Just like Ebates, Ibotta allows you to earn rebates by shopping. Before you shop, choose the items you want rebates on through the Ibotta app then you can either earn your rebates from online or on in store purchases. Just save your receipts and take picture of them later on the Ibotta app. Ibotta matches the rebates you’ve selected and, boom! cash back just like that. You can also link your loyalty cards and get even more rebates.  Ibotta even gives you bonuses for different items. Things like a $20 amazon gift card for signing up to Amazon Prime or $5 cash back on wine (get paid to drink? Hell yes!). It’s a neat way to shop and get a bang for your buck. Grab your rebates here!


Use Acorns to save money

Acorns is a way of saving loose change  and investing it. It rounds up your purchases from your linked card then puts the change in an investment portfolio. While you won’t turn into Mark Cuban by using this app, it will motivate you to save more and teach you a bit about investing. The app is free for 4 years for college students with a valid school email; everyone else pays just $1 a month. There’s no minimum amount needed to open the account and only $5 needed to start investing in one of Acorns pre-built portfolios. With Acorns, the purchase roundups  make saving and investing a breeze. New investors will be delighted by how their pennies will add up.You can try Acorns out for yourself here!


Use Mint to save money

I saved Mint for last because it is one of my staples when it comes to saving. Mint is a budgeting powerhouse. With this free app, you can see exactly how you’re spending your money and it places your purchases in categories that are easy to sort through. It also shows you trends in your spending so that you can see any opportunities for improvement. What’s great about mint is that you can budget your money down to the penny, and it will send you alerts when you are on the verge of overspending.  You can also set up bill alerts and pay bills right from the app. So no more forgetting what day your gym membership or Netflix hits your account. With mint you can also track your credit score and see it increase (or decrease) depending on your spending patterns. Mint is like your accountability partner that follows you around and helps you be smart with your money. Check Mint out here!


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