Our Top 5 Favorite Productivity Tools

5 Powerful Productivity Tools

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Productivity Tools

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Yes, Millennials are tech savvy and masters at multi-tasking, but we can also be lazy at times. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not always the most productive. I’m unmotivated at times and I procrastinate A LOT!  I often drag my feet whenever I have to meet a deadline. Yes, I’m THAT person. Which is why I absolutely need help staying on track of things. In this list, you’ll find 7 of my FAVORITE productivity tools and how you can use them to help de-clutter your workload and your life.

Happy Planner

happy planner

Nothing like old school planning on pen and paper. I prefer the old way of planning over an app any day. Being able to decorate and add stickers to my daily to-do list makes marking things off my list more worth while. I like the look and feel of having a physical planner. This planner comes with all kinds of different styles, themes and extensions to fit anyone’s needs. The Happy Planner is by far the best choice if you’re looking for a physical planner. They offer extension packs where you can add recipes, meal planners, workout plans and even budget planning and much more! Definitely worth checking out.


todoist power planning tool

Although I used this app more so in college than I do now, Todoist is an app that I absolutely couldn’t live without as a student! Whenever I’m on the go and can’t carry along my happy planner, I have Todoist right at the tip of my fingers. The have an app and web version so that you can stay organized on the go or at the home or office. It’s really accessible and helps you keep on task and keep track of projects. You can focus on tasks for the day or schedule future tasks. This app definitely keeps you motivated and is satisfying to cross of things as you go along.

Drop Box

drop box powerful planning app

This one is a favorite of mine. I have broken my phone so many times or my laptop has crashed and I lose all my files. With Dropbox, that fear is finally put to rest. DropBox is a cloud storage service where you can file literally EVERYTHING here for free. I had sooo many photos in my computer that would slow it down tremendously, but now I just upload them to Dropbox and my worries are gone. Take your files anywhere!


Evernote productivity

My brain runs a mile a minute, sometimes its hard to keep track and capture all of these ideas. With Evernote, its super easy to jot down all the junk that goes in your head so that you can remember it later. Evernote is also synced to an online account so it gives you ease across all devices. Evernote also as a to-do list feature, so check it out!

Google Docs

google docs productivity

Google is just about the most useful tool in the 21st century. It literally does everything and makes life a whole lot easier. Google docs was my best friend in college. With apps available on IOS and Android you can take notes, create a PowerPoint or anything else you can think of on the go! Google docs is accessible across all of your devices which makes using it a breeze. You can even collaborate on group projects with other team members and all of your edits will be automatically saved. Google docs is totally convenient and also free!


Between work and college, being young is professional is HARD! Sometimes its easy to get lost in the sauce. Just taking time to write down your goals and a to do list can help increase your productivity by 70%! Can’t afford a fancy expensive planner? Don’t worry, the mocha minute has you cover. Just enter your name and email below and grab this free planner printable on us!

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