5 types of Friends to Avoid in your Twenty-Somethings

5 friends to avoid

5 Friends To AVOID

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We are in the prime time of our lives. Our Twenty-Somethings is the most exciting point of our time-lines and also the most bitter-sweet. No matter where you are in your twenties,  this is your moment! That exciting feeling of venturing away from the nest permanently, getting your first apartment and transitioning into the corporate world. By now you’re either finished with college or on your way out. This is also the point where your bff  is no longer in the next dorm over, and your college friends all part ways and go back to their home-states. This is the bitter-sweet. If you are not still in contact with your old high school crew, you may struggle coming back home after practically living with friends for four years. Or worse, you are still in contact with your high school friends, but after coming home you realize you have nothing in common.  You will soon realize that making friends outside of college is much different. There are certain the types of “friends” you may come across that may not be good for you. Here are 5 types of friends to avoid in your Twenty-Somethings.

The Squidward

You KNOW who I’m talking about. That friend that finds something negative in EVERYTHING. That one friend that just drains the life out of everyone. You can point out a rainbow and they’ll mention the rain. Now everyone has their days, but this person is negative all of the time. You may find yourself having to be their personal therapist on more occasion than one, always feeling the need to add sunshine to their rain. But this is tiring and will only end up with you questioning your own shine. Unless you live in a pineapple under the sea, save yourself the the the energy and move on from Squidward.

The Wendy Williams

This friend deserves a spot as editor-and-chief of The Shaderoom. They know everyone’s business and have no problem with filling you in on it too. Now, I’m not talking about your best-friend. Your bff that you sit around and throw shade on everyone with (don’t act like y’all don’t) because we all know there’s no secrets between besties. I’m talking about the co-worker you just met that’s spilling the beans before you even made  your morning coffee. It doesn’t take much to get those jaws flopping; just a poor ear that’s willing to listen. But don’t get it twisted, while you are their audience today, trust me, Wendy will make you tomorrow’s hot topic to whoever will listen. Keep your business to your self around this “friend.” Because this one loves some good gossip.

The Olympic Runner

Imagine running a race and feeling so proud of yourself, just to have a friend send you screenshots of them beating you in that race? I mean damn, we both know you won the race, but why take tabs on who was in first? Friendly competition is good, but this friend feels they need to one-up you in every aspect of life. You get a car, they run to the dealership. You break one leg, they rush to break two. They will do anything to get ahead of you. These type of “friends” get a high from feeling like they are in the lead. No matter what you say or do, they say they’ve done it better.  Watch this friend closely, it’s very rare that you will see them happy for any of your accomplishments. Ditch Usain Bolt to the side, because this friend will forever try to out run you.

The Prom Queen

There is no way around it, this friend is Beyonce and you are Michelle. Not even Kelly. This one is a superstar and the world revolves around them. Give them the stage and they will go on for hours talking about none other than themselves. But grab the mic for a second and you’ll hear crickets, may even get a few boos.  But seriously, listen  closely to the flow of conversation with this friend. They love to talk about themselves. However, whenever it’s your time to speak, they will either get quiet, cut you off, or turn the spotlight back on themselves. While they may mean well, they just can’t help their selves. In their worlds, they are Queen Bee you are just a Bug A Boo.

The Frosted Flake

I saved this one for last because I can sometimes be a flake. It isn’t any malice behind it, it just the introvert in me that can’t figure out a nice way to say “I’d rather stay home.” While some flakes mean well, there are many other friends who couldn’t care less about your plans. You can send 10 smoke signals, 4 emails and 3 handwritten letters about your upcoming birthday party. They STILL ain’t coming.. But that is just a flake. The Frosted flake is the next level, these are the “friends” that hype you up about your weekend plans. Get you all excited and talk big on what their going to do, but have no intentions on going. But if you even dare to miss their event or skip one of their plans (even though you usually always find a way to make it) they will resent you for life.Now understand, sometimes things happen, and people have legit reasons why they can’t make it. But the Frosted Flake is the ultimate loser and time waster that somehow thinks they’re greeeeaatt.

Avoid these people, and you will find a quality circle of friends. But also make sure that you don’t fall into these categories as well.

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