9 Things to do before 9 AM

Morning Habits

9 Things to do Before 9 in the Morning

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For some, waking up before the sun is completely insane. I mean, who really wants to miss out on an extra hour and a half of sleep? That’s completely absurd! When my alarm goes off at the crack of dawn, I sit in my bed contemplating on if I realllyyyy need my job or food to eat. Then I think of 4 words to snap me out of my slumber, and just about everything else in life: WHAT WOULD BEYONCE DO… Seriously, waking up early is a common trait with successful people. Simone Biles sure didn’t win Olympic gold in her pajamas. It’s a fact that morning people are more productive and proactive throughout the day, which leads to them living a healthier lifestyle. If you’re still not convinced to to give up that pillow, here’s 9 things to do before 9 am.

Clear Plastic Cup on Gray Surface1. Drink Water

There’s nothing I hate more about waking up than morning breath and cotton mouth. Drinking a glass of water helps with both.  For this reason, I keep my water bottle locked and loaded on my nightstand. I like to drink filtered water from my Brita Water bottle so I know my water is nice and clean, check one out here!. Your body is 70% water, and you’ve just slept 7+ hours without drinking water. Do your body a favor and hydrate!  Before consuming anything, drink at least 8 oz of water and watch your body jolt into kick-start and boost your brain in the morning.

2. WorkoutMorning Habits

Whether its a 5 mile run or a 10 minute stretch, most people that are active daily do it in the morning. Exercising in the morning gives your body and your brain a boost of energy. Morning workouts will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready to start the morning. Plus, a before work workout gets your cardio out of the way before you get wrapped up in life during the day. Think of it as a natural espresso. That caramel latte from Starbucks wont give you nice abs and help you shed pounds. Trade the coffee for the treadmill and reap alllll of the benefits! Check out these super cute running shoes to get started!

Morning Habits3. Plan your Day

As mentioned in my previous post on productivity, I am a planning freak! I just loovveee my Happy Planner and literally plan out my entire life with it (Happy Planners are literally my EVERYTHING check them out here!. Maximize your potential by taking 10 minutes in the morning to plan out your day. The early hours make it easier to map out your priorities and reflect on the day’s events. Take 10 minutes out of your day to lay out the game plan. Planning really helps get your head in the game and keeps you productive. In my planner, I have everything from bills to meals planned out for the day so I’m never caught off guard.

4. MeditateMorning Habits

Now while this isn’t something I do every morning, whenever I have the time, I meditate. As millennials, we tend to have a lot on our plates, juggling our professional lives and social lives. We’re tweeting every minute, while still finding time to workout and drink water. We work to have a healthy dating life, while still finding time to do drinks with the girls after leaving work. Adult life is stressful! There’s nothing wrong with taking a mental health break. Taking time to appreciate your space is so important. We tend to get wrapped up in our lives that we forget to step back and breathe. Start your day on the right foot physically and mentally.

Morning Habits5.  Eat Healthy

There’s nothing worse than buying a Ferrari and putting cooking grease in the tank. Your body is the Ferrari don’t let that McMistake be the crisco.  Eat something nutritious and filling.  The healthy meal and the morning workout will have you feeling like Superman (or Wonder Woman). Furthermore, not eating anything can be just as damaging. Nothing worse than sorting through case files at work and your tummy is singing you the song of its people. Lay off the sugar for breakfast and give your brain the food it needs.

6.  Check your emailMorning Habits

This is a controversial topic. Many people believe that checking your email in the morning is a no no. I somewhat agree. I never check my email fresh out of bed before I even brushed my teeth. Which is why this is number 5. Yes, checking your email can be stressful, but for the professional and planning freak, there is no option.  In order to avoid the stressful monster of  the emails, I start my day on my own terms first, THEN tackle my emails. For me, my emails go hand in hand with my planning for the day. I get important info in my inbox. I’ve gotten emails stating not to park in the employee parking lot because of construction. Now I know I need some sneakers. Or If a coworker is bringing lunch for everyone. Woohoo! Free lunch, no need to pack one. Focus on your self first, then check your emails and see what everyone else needs from you. It makes those emails way less scary.

Morning Habits7. Listen to something motivating or relaxing.

This either takes place while I’m in the shower or on my way to work. While I’m in the shower, I like to listen to SZA or some Lauryn Hill to relax my mind and clear my thoughts for the day. It makes my shower 10 times better when my mind is at ease. While driving to work, I either listen to 72 Hour Hold on audible ( fyi, this is this months book club choice, check it out here!), or listen to a motivating podcast. Now there are tons of great Millennial Podcasts, too many to list here, but Sam over at Smart-Twenties.com did an awesome job compiling a list of useful podcasts, check some of her picks out here!

8. Chat on the phoneMorning Habits

While on my way to work, I almost always take 10 minutes out of my drive to chat on the phone with my mom or one of my sisters. There’s nothing like the voice of a loved one to really get you going. My mom is my best friend and it doesn’t matter how old I am, I can’t go a day without chatting with her. It is not only a part of my morning ritual but its hers as well. Just a 10 minute check in with a loved one can boost your mood and theirs. That’s a double dose of good deed! Call a grandparent or friend and tell them good morning, I guarantee it will brighten their day and yours.

9.  Transition gracefully

Alright, by the time you’ve reached this stage you’re most likely at work and ready to start your workload. STOP! Be sure to transition gracefully into your workday. Us millennials are always moving ahead of ourselves. Take a minute to reflect and direct your focus to what’s important. Whatever happened before 9am is over, now it’s time to switch gears. Don’t think about how you should’ve ran faster on the treadmill or whether or not that sugary granola bar was really as healthy as it advertised. Now is the time to transition gracefully into your workday/school day. There is always tomorrow, and 9am is always on time.

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  1. I love my happy planner too!!!! But I do not like talking on the phone before 9am. Sometimes I have to do it for work but I try put off talking to people as long as I can in the morning lol.

  2. I feel you on how hard it is to get up early sometimes! I agree, though — I feel so much more motivated throughout the day when I start my morning off being productive!

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