9 of America’s Most Iconic Streets

America is often referred to as a “melting pot.”  Diverse in it’s food, culture, and communities, America has something for everyone.  We all know about infamous streets such as “The Strip,” “Fifth Ave,” and “Sunset Blvd.,” but there are many other captivating ones across the states.  The Mocha Minute has created a list of a few of the most iconic American streets that everyone should take a stroll (or drive) down. In no particular order:

 Beale Street – Memphis, TN    

Known as “Home of the Blues,”  Beale Street is Tennessee’s most visited attraction.  Three blocks of nightclubs, restaurants, and shops will keep you occupied all day long!  Not to mention the barbeque is a cheat meal well spent.   Located in the heart of Memphis, Beale Street is a melting pot of the blues, jazz, RnB, and gospel.  Lace up your walking shoes and spend the day catching a show at New Daisy Theatre or grabbing a bite to eat at Silky O’Sullivan’s.

Michigan Avenue – Chicago, IL  

Often referred to as the “Magnificent Mile,” Chicago’s Michigan Ave (North section only) is home to the city’s largest shopping district.  With stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, the Magnificent Mile is the self-proclaimed “granddaddy of ALL Chicago Retail”  (the feminist in me wants to ask why it can’t be called “grandmother, but I’ll save that for another post).  DID YOU KNOW?:  The Mag Mile’s history dates back to 1871 when the Great Chicago Fire sent the city up in smoke. Oddly, the Water Tower and Pumping Station evaded the flames.  Today, the buildings still stand as reminders of the structures that once lined this now famous street. 

Bourbon Avenue – New Orleans, LA

While I have never visited Bourbon Street, let alone New Orleans, I can only hope that when I do, it is as vibrant, exciting, and LIT as it was in Girls Trip!  Bourbon Street is located in in the heart of the French Quarter.  This area is the perfect place to host your bachelor party, birthday or girls night out. Bourbon Street is packed with the best Burlesque Clubs, DJs, bars and endless celebration opportunities!  Iconic destinations include: The Royal Sonesta Hotel, Galatoire’s Restaurant, and The Old Absinthe House (where early absinthe drinks were created).  If the bartender is explaining to you the effects of absinthe, I would listen carefully before you end up like our friends Dina, Sasha, Lisa, and Ryan.

Ocean Drive – Miami, FL

When I think of Miami, I think of freshly manicured nails on the steering wheel of a Lambo convertible.  i think about my natural tresses blowing in the wind as I put the top down.  I think about jamming to Trina and pulling up next to a cutie at the stoplight.  Hmm…maybe I can live out this fantasy if I visit Ocean Drive.  Lined with simple,  Art Deco buildings and hotels, restaurants that spill out onto the streets, colorful travelers, and boutique beach shops, this oceanfront street is where you can go for a quiet cup of coffee or a jumbo-sized margarita.  Since this street is such a beautiful destination, it’s only natural that it has served as the setting for movies like: Scarface, Bad Boys, and There’s Something About Mary.  

Mulholland Drive – Los Angeles

I know this street looks like the one that led to Lynn Whitfiled’s house where she was sitting in her kitchen plotting to murder Martin Lawrence, BUT Mulholland Drive is an iconic winding road in southern California.  Visitors drive through the Santa Monica Mountains and the route provides surreal, breathtaking views.  Drivers and passengers catch a glimpse of the Hollywood Sign, downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, Universal City, and the rest of San Fernando Valley.

Calle Ocho  – Miami, FL

Calle Ocho is located right in the heart of Miami.  In the section called Little Havana, this area looks like a page from a Cuban storybook.  Here you can find hand-rolled cigars, fruiterias (fruit stores), meat markets, herbal stores and windows with cafecitos (little cups of coffee) for only 25 cents.  Authentic Cuban restaurants such as El Pescador, city parks like Maximo Gomez Park and Latin street parties are just a few reasons this street is considered “a time warp into another reality.”

South Street – Philadelphia, PA

Boyz II Men, Will Smith, Philly Cheesesteaks, and the city’s colonial history are just a few reasons why I love Philadelphia.  However, I’m ashamed to say I’ve NEVER visited SOUTH STREET!  This is definitely on my to-do list because of its charm, eccentricity, and vibrancy.  South Street is home to over 400 shops, bars, and restaurants and is considered the “hippest” street in town.  It offers American dining options like burgers, hoagies, and pizza, as well as German, French and Greek foods.  South Street also hosts numerous seasonal events, art shows, various classes, and festivals.  

Lombard Street – San Francisco, CA

Known as “The Crookedest Street in America,”  Lombard Street isn’t popular for its nightlife, festivals, or art districts like the other streets on our list.  It is celebrated for its eight sharp hairpins turns.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors walk or drive down these turns.  Lined with Russian Hill mansions and manicured landscaping and flowers, it is also one of the city’s most scenic streets. Take a dazzling photo at the bottom of the curvy portion looking up or enjoy the breathtaking view from the top looking out onto the San Francisco Bay, the Bay Bridge and Coit Tower.

Canyon Road – Santa Fe, NM

Similar to Lombard Street, Canyon Road is not an ideal destination if you’re looking to party.  Snuggled into the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Canyon Road is situated in the Historic District of Santa Fe.  While gracious adobe architecture gives Canyon Road its antique charm, diversity is its claim to fame. More than a hundred galleries, jewelry stores, clothing boutiques, home furnishings shops, artist studios, and gourmet restaurants line this magical half-mile.


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