10 Podcasts for the Millennial – Part I

Black voices are beginning to establish their own spaces in the media world, and I am here for it!  We are making our presence known in discussions regarding news, politics, finance, entertainment, and pop culture.  While podcasts have been around for years (possibly a decade or so), I personally didn’t begin listening to them until I discovered On One with Angela Rye.

Then I realized there was a whole other dimension out there with people sharing their personal stories, offering advice, and commentating on relevant issues.  More importantly, I noticed there were black voices in the world of podcasts.  Something about black people sharing their uncensored, unapologetic opinions on social issues makes me smile.  If you have a long work commute (like myself), you get tired of shuffling through Apple Music and hearing the same songs played on Pandora.  The Mocha Minute has compiled a list of 10 podcasts that the millennial should check out!

Melanin Millennials

Podcasting from London, friends Imrie and Satia are self-proclaimed “Melanin Millennials” and discuss topics like pop culture, everyday millennial struggles, and current trending topics on Black twitter.  Interesting to hear commentary of Black culture through a British lens.

Black & Read

In Black & Read, Terry Brown hosts a biweekly bookclub dedicated to the discussion of a specific work of literature from the perspectives of Black people across America.

On One with Angela Rye

One of my personal faves!  As I mentioned earlier, I listen to this podcast during my daily commute.  In On One, Angela Rye discusses politics, racial injustices, and pop culture in the most sophistiratchet kind of way.  Special guests such as Aunite Maxine, Common, and Jesse Williams contribute to the witty, raw, and real conversations.

The Read

I’m beginning to hear more and more positive discussions about this podcast.  Actually, someone told me everyone under age 35 should have this downloaded.  In The Read, Kid Fury and Crissle break down their weekly “read” entertainment’s most popular stars.  Apparently, no one is safe from the shade, tea spilling and business blasting unless your name is Beyonce.

Black Girls Talking

Four friends Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia, and Ramou engage in honest, thought provoking, and straightforward  conversations about “culture, race, and all kinds of hashtag relevant topics.” In Black Girls Talking, the four hosts “complicate and deepen the understandings we have of women of color across various kinds of media.”

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